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hypnotherapy session pricing

All treatments (apart from smoking cessation) start with a free consultation where together we will agree on how Solutions Focused Talking Therapies can help you.

For smoking cessation, no initial consultation is needed, simply contact me to book your session.

Please take a look through our pricing and book your free consultation today to see how I can help you improve your life and make the positive changes needed to overcome your difficulties.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy successfully helps many people with difficulties and issues such as:


Initial consultation

I give a free consultation, where we discuss about yourself, the difficulties you are experiencing and the outcomes you would like to achieve. This is an un-intrusive session that gets you started on your way to wellness. You will also receive a free relaxation MP3 download.


Hypnotherapy session

These are tailored to enable each client to gently find positive resolution to the difficulties they are feeling. During the session I explain the brain function, use hypnotherapy techniques and guide you into trance. This helps the unconscious and conscious mind to collaborate to focus on your positive future.


Integral eye movement session

IEMT is used to specifically address a Feeling or Identity imprint. This enables the therapist to bypass the beliefs or feelings that often support the undesired effects. This effectively facilitates a core state change in minimal time.


Phobia session

Only 1 Integral Eye Movement session is required for overcoming common phobias such as small spaces, heights, and flying. However, it also works on any other illogical fear you may be experiencing. To achieve this we work together to remove the fear with visualisation trance techniques.

Book your free consultation

48 hours prior

Up to 48 hours prior to the session, the client gets a full refund.

24 hours prior

Up to 24 hours prior to the session, client gets a 50% refund.

No prior notice

Cancellation on the day of appointment or failure to attend, no client refund.

What my clients say


"During the Covid lockdown, I was feeling very low and isolated and having sessions with Spencer gave me relief and support through some very dark moments. He explained the brain in every session and related its processes to my situation and feelings. This allowed me to have the understanding that I could change what I was experiencing by changing my perspective”.
South Yorkshire
"I have stopped going back to bed in the day, I do all the chores and have new energy to play with my son. I am feeling completely different, and best of all my little boy says he likes his new mummy."
"I have been a client of Spencer for approximately 2 months, and it has made such a positive impact on my mental health, anxiety issues and lack confidence that I can't thank him enough. His support and therapy turned my life around and continues to do so. Thanks Spencer. You're a star!"
West Yorkshire
"For many years I had a phobia of clowns and Spencer helped me remove this un-needed fear. Having 3 sessions with him and with his MP3 relaxation recording, I no longer have this irrational problem. I am amazed how something that affected me for so long was significantly reduced so quickly."
South Yorkshire